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Fishhh Suggestions

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1Fishhh Suggestions Empty Fishhh Suggestions on Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:37 am


Irnias, here some suggestions:

• You really need to do something about the "newcomers". I see many entering in server and leaving. I know, there are lot of ppls that help the newcomers, but this is not enough. What I mean with that ? A new way to lvup and new ways to do money. We've had suggestions of a "new hexa" here on forum and I think this is a great ideia. (urgent)

• Add Rechargeable Battery and Super Rechargeable Battery at NPC or Award Center (affordable price). We need that to recharge the Unique Corals...

• Add a little (I said little) cooldown to all potions. The PK is getting boring with it. (urgent)

• Add Alloy Pickaxe at Award Center (affordable price). With that ppls can get gems and some potions.

• Add a new drop for FC, DS and DW bosses to be more competitive.

• Change mazes opening time... Sometimes we got DW and CA at same time...

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