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Great Hunting! Diabulus Coin Event!

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1Great Hunting! Diabulus Coin Event! Empty Great Hunting! Diabulus Coin Event! on Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:17 pm


As part of this big world called Diabulus Online, we have a virtual currency that we can find in game in many ways.
Great Hunting event concist in kill some pumpkins on Silver mine 3 and collect scrolls.
Give 15 scrolls to Senna in Argent City to claim 1 Diabulus Coin.

Event Specifications:

· Event Time: All days from 5 to 9 and 17 to 21 hs (GMT-3)

· Quest details:
1. You can start the quest with Senna at 2223,2786 in Argent City at Event time!
2. Go to Silver Mine 3 and kill some Pumpkin Knight.
3. Collect 15 Hunt Scrolls.
4. Return with the scrolls and exchange with Senna for 1 Diabulus Coin.
5. Start Again!

Enjoy game, Enjoy life!
Diabulus Team

Queridos piratas seguidores:

Como parte de este gran mundo llamado Diabulus Online, tenemos una moneda virtual que puede conseguirse de diversas formas.
El evento Great Hunting consiste en cazar algunas Cabeza de calabazas en Silver mine 3 y recolectar algunos Pergaminos.
Dale 15 Pergaminos a Senna en Argentin City para reclamar a cambio una Diabulus Coin.

Detalles del evento:

· Event Time: Todos los dias de 5 a 9 & 17 a 21 hs (GMT-3)

· Quest details:
1. Podes empezar la mision con Senna en las coordenadas 2223,2786 en Argent City en el horario del evento.
2. Ve a Silver mine 3 a matar algunos Pumpkin Knight.
3. Recolecta 15 Hunt Scrolls.
4. Vuelve con los Scrolls e intercambiaselos a Senna por una Diabulus Coin.
5. Comienza de nuevo!

Enjoy game, Enjoy life!
Diabulus Team

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